Remodel Next Steps, An Update

Our mission to remodel and update our home that we purchased last year will be continuing in 2016. We knew when we bought the house that certain things would need to be done to maintain the house and other things would need to be done to update it and make it ours. If you remember in this article we decided that it would be time consuming and a lot of work to get rid of the tack strips between the VOG panels on our walls. If you don’t recall, VOG is Vinyl on Gypsum and is basically a thin sheetrock (gyprock) that was manufactured with a vinyl coated wall paper on on it. In the case of our living room it was an 80’s tweed type looking pattern.  Residing between each panel of VOG there is a tack strip almost like quarter round moulding covering the gap between panels.


I think we were partly exhausted from stress and heat, and we really wanted to get out of the apartment we were renting so we decided that filling the gap with an expanding compound or putty was just not feasible. We decided we’d just replace the VOG with real sheetrock down the line when we got to that part of the remodel. However it has now been over six months of us living in our new house, we still love it, we hosted Christmas dinner and brunch there, but as we try to decorate and rearrange things we keep coming up against those tack strips. When painted they blend in really nicely and don’t attract a lot of attention. Aesthetically as long as you don’t want to hang a picture right over one (or in the case of the main bathroom a robe hook) they are not really an issue. Yet, the house could look more polished.


When we painted the first time we were in a bit of a hurry, we did a good job, but we could have done better. Simply due to how the VOG is installed ther eare staple and nail holes visible every so often where the sheet was attached to the studs. When you paint they become even more noticeable, just like a nail in your standard sheetrock would be. I think we just pretended we wouldn’t notice these imperfections after we painted but to be honest, painting the walls a solid color made it increasingly obvious where the nails that hold the VOG to the wall are. So already we have resolved that one wall, one room at a time we will go around and patch up those little imperfections before putting another coat of paint on the wall. While we are at it, we are going to get rid of those distracting tack strips too!


The process should be pretty simply and we plan to go a couple walls to one room at a time so we don’t disturb the normal function of the house too much. The plan is to remove the tack strips from the walls we are going to work on next, use drywall tape to cover the gap and then mud over it. At the same time we will fill the nail/staple holes and set up some fans to help it dry. Then we will sand, mud again to get rid of any flaws, sand and paint. The entire process should only take a weekend for each room or section of walls and theoretically we could do the whole house in a month or so.


I know we should have just put the extra effort in to begin with but now we have further remodel and updating inspiration to help justify the extra work. Theoretically as we have some paint left over for rooms like the living room and kitchen, it should be fairly inexpensive in terms of materials. The biggest cost will be in our time and the inconvenience of rearranging portions of the house to get the work done.


Come slightly warmer weather we also have a couple projects lined up for outside. The deck that is currently outside was incorrectly installed when it was built. There is nothing to prevent water getting between the deck and the siding for the house and there is not adequate drainage. This has caused the siding to go soft all along the deck. We want to get this tackled soon before water damage effects the structure of the house.


I’m looking at this as an opportunity to make a few curb appeal improvements. Vertical siding on manufactured homes is really popular but I’m a lap siding kind of girl. I’m also a “I want this to last for a long time because I don’t want to do this again anytime soon” kind of girl so we are going to opt to go with the fiber cement siding by James Hardie, also called HardiePlank. We will likely get it from our local Home Depot which only stocks one style of the HardiePlank but the manufacturer does offer different styles of the plank which makes it easy to fit your style whether its contemporary, craftsman, traditional, modern, Victorian etc. Along with the siding I would like to replace the metal skirting around the base of the house. I’m dreaming of some faux rock but I haven’t found one I liked the price point and quality on.


So it will be a busy year for us and our little manufactured house. I’m looking forward to it though. Every task of this remodel that is completed is one more thing off the list and an even bigger feeling of accomplishment. This house is forcing us to prove to ourselves we are capable and skilled enough to dig in, get our hands dirty and make this late 80’s double-wide look like a beautiful little home. OUR beautiful little home.

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