Mom Fail, What Are We Really Saying?

#Mommyfail #momfail, What are we really saying?I hear this term a lot: Mommy Fail or mom fail. I even use the term sometimes, but what are we really saying? In this world of perfect social media lives that we are like the thousands of other “failing” parents?

No, I don’t think so. I think we are trying hard to say “look this is really my life” “I’m not really perfect”. We are reaching out to other parents and looking for affirmation that its okay we weren’t perfect today.

I’ve got some news for you Moms and Dads everywhere, we aren’t failing. Not noticing your youngest eating cheerios off your floor because you were busy working from home or chatting with your older kids is not a fail. Sending your child to school in the wrong days outfit for spirit week is not a fail. Forgetting a favorite toy or blanket when you go on vacation is not a fail. These things, my friends, are called living life.

So instead of lamenting our mistakes with the hashtag #momfail or #dadfail maybe we should just say #parenthood because, hey, none of us are perfect and I think many parents are tired of the pressure to try to be. Let’s be real.

Embrace #parenthood

How do you feel Moms and Dads? Tired of social media perfection, or do you strive for it?


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