Chasing Clouds | Update on Vaping

smoking is bad, vaping is good

A month or so ago Hubby and I committed to quitting smoking cigarettes and decided we would instead make the proper equipment investment and make a committed effort to switch to vaping with e-cigs. You can read more about that decision and getting started here. Now that we’ve had time to settle into it, experiment a little I wanted to post an update about how it’s been going.

First off I have to say it’s gone pretty well. Much better for me than previous attempts to quit or switch to be perfectly honest. Even though the last couple weeks we have both fallen back on actual (analog) cigarettes more than we want to admit.

I attribute my stall to issues I have run into with my Nautilus tank and just plain chaos in our lives. Overall I love the tank, I get nice clouds of vapor, and my coils are lasting about a week, give or take a few days. The big issue is when I need to refill it I can’t get the little bugger open!

I don’t know if the seal is expanding significantly after I refill it due to temperature changes while carrying it around, being in the car, outside and inside etc. However even if I just put the base on finger tight, to where I can take it right back off again with minimal effort, when I go to refill it in a day or two I have to use pliers to open the base.

Another deterrent to staying on track with vaping… I screwed up. I thought we had two packs of coils left but they were for our old tanks. Womp womp womp.

Now while placing my order for new coils I have caught myself scoping out alternate tanks and reading the reviews. I’m so new to the quality equipment that for me I just want to get a cloud of vapor and I don’t care about rebuilding it for cheaper or even how it handles sub-ohm vaping (using a coil with resistance of less than an ohm) vs. standard vaping, I’m not ready for all that yet.

Regardless I’ve been eyeballing the Aspire Triton and Kanger Subtank lines. I’ve always been happy with Aspire products so I have a sense of brand loyalty when it comes to Aspire. Kanger I’ve never tried but I hear nothing but good things about their products. Both tanks have the ability to do sub-ohm and standard vaping and they are only a few bucks different in price for the tank as well as the coils.

The Subtank comes in three sizes the regular, mini and nano. They have different tank capacities is the primary difference. Regardless of size, the Subtank line and the Triton are around $20-$30 on my go to supply site, World of Vape.

When I first purchased the Nautilus I also bought some accessories, a hollowed steel sleeve and solid metal tank just in case I broke the two glass ones exceptionally quickly. The good news is I haven’t broken my tank at all! This means I haven’t event tried the replacement tanks. Before I invest in another atomizer with features I’m not ready to use yet, I’m going to give the replacement tanks a try. I’m hoping they resolve my issue opening to refill and clean the tank.

Overall we are still committed to kicking the stinky and nasty habit of smoking. Vaping is our first step on the road to being nicotine free. No matter what setbacks we have, if we keep moving forward toward our goal, we will make it in the end.

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